Creative concepts brought to life in the form of magazines & booklets. A fantastic marketing tool that really showcases your product...

Brand awareness, target audience. Seems simple enough right? It is with the right message & thought out advice. From conception to completion...

Stationery is pivotal to brand awarness, thought is put into a logo with emphasis on layout. Sometimes simple is more sophisticated.

The digital age is growing continuously. The right end product supported with the right advice with ongoing service...

About Us

You want High Performance WOW?

It’s our job to create it for you. Design is something we love and a massive part of our business!
Great design begins with great creativity. Sometimes it’s a structured process where we follow your lead and gently mold and shape your ideas and images into the finished product. At other times, more a mixture of lateral leaps of logic, inspirational ‘bolts from the blue’ and discipline, to find exactly the right colours, look and feel to represent your business.
At Design Engine, we produce real world design: both creative and practical. This means we check all imagery, fonts, and formatting to ensure anything we design is ready for all formats, Press, TV, Web & Print. Our work will be supplied in the format you desire.

The design process is a dynamic, two-way process and our talented graphic designers will work closely with you every step of the way to come up with brilliant ideas and then turn those ideas into reality….or logos…or printed letterheads…or business cards…or posters…or stickers… the list goes on!

And speaking of pictures, as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Take a look at our impressive portfolio both design and video.

CALL US to discuss how we can design the right image for your business, or call in to our showroom to chat with our team see.

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